43213 cataracts

43213 Cataracts

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Cataracts are buildups of proteins that develop on the surfaces of your eye lenses, leading to steady progression of interference with your optimal vision. At Berk Eye Care Center, you can expect skilled, specialized attention for your 43213 cataracts.

Early stages of the disease will reveal no obvious signs. You may have it and not even be aware of it. There are many cases where the first time a patient knows about 43213 cataracts is when the condition is diagnosed during the course of a routine eye exam. Unfortunately, there is no cure for cataracts. Once they appear, they are going to increase in size and quantity over the course of years. The good news, though, is that with the proper care, it is not difficult to maintain an acceptable level of vision despite your 43213 cataracts. Our optometrist prescribes special eyeglasses or contact lenses that address the cloudy and blurry effects that are the result of this eye disease. And quite often, this is enough, especially with adjustments to the strength of the prescription occurring as necessary. The likelihood, though is, that at some point you will discover that there is no more benefit from your corrective eyewear, and that’s when cataract surgery can be considered. It works by having an eye surgeon take out your natural eye lenses, and then replace with prosthetic lenses called intraocular lens implants, or simply IOLs. Depending on which type you get, you may be able to have completely restored vision at all distances, free of the obstacles that cataracts were creating for you. Or you may have restored vision far away, but need reading glasses up close. Either way, you’ll have greatly improved vision.

Get a yearly eye exam at our office, during which the existence of 43213 cataracts can be detected with a simple screening. There’s no reason to not enjoy the best vision possible. Call us now to schedule a visit.

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