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43213 Eye Specialist

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Dry Eyes in 43213

43213 Eye Specialist
43213 Eye Specialist

If you have dry eyes, you should be aware that while it’s not a dangerous condition, there are ways to address the discomfort, frustration, and the temporary effects that it has on your vision. At Berk Eye Care Center, our 43213 eye specialist combines treatment with suggestions for changes to your environment and lifestyle to form the most effective strategy for dealing with dry eyes.

The reason that dry eyes develop, regardless of any outside effects, is that your eyes are not producing enough tears or the quality of your tears is too poor to lubricate your eyes properly. Exposure to wind and smoke, air-conditioning, and dry indoor air are all factors which contribute to the problem and tend to make a bad situation even worse. If you notice any of the following signs, you should be examined by our 43213 eye specialist: eye redness, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes, tired eyes, or irritation when wearing your contact lenses. Diagnosis is achieved through a standard eye exam, and possibly the addition of specific tests that are designed to measure the quantity and quality of your tears. Artificial tears, a type of eye drops, is often sufficient to get the desired outcome. This product is available in drug stores, over-the-counter. If your dry eyes require a stronger version, our 43213 eye specialist will prescribe one. Surgery is a last resort option. If you are not getting the type of results you want from artificial tears, it’s a good idea to make some alterations such as wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses outside on windy days, avoiding smoke and air-conditioned rooms, and putting a humidifier in your home.

Call us right now and arrange a convenient time to come in for a checkup and applicable treatment. Don’t let dry eyes cause you unnecessary difficulties.

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