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You’ve heard the same question so many times that you can practically hear it in your dreams. The question: are you crying? Time and time again you offer a stern and resounding no. After all, it’s just dry eyes making it look that way. It’s becoming grating, to say the least, to let everyone know that you’re not down in the dumps. Do something about that. Take control of the situation by visiting Berk Eye Care Center. Go ahead and pay us visit so you can finally get first-rate Columbus eye care.

In case you weren’t aware, cold weather is the arch nemesis to your eyes. It sucks up moisture like a dry vacuum, causing the eyes to counteract it by producing excess tears. How exactly does this phenomenon happen? Decreased tear production can be linked to any of the following: laser eye surgery, medical conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus scleroderma, thyroid disorders, and vitamin A deficiency), medications (decongestants, acne, hormone replacement, certain antihistamines, and high blood pressure drugs). Tear evaporation can also be caused by: eyelid problems, smoke, wind, dry air, and infrequent blinking. While it doesn’t pose any serious health risk, dry eyes can become a crippling nuisance that simply won’t let up. Fortunately some options do exist to get rein it in. Don’t waste another second doing so. All you have to do is take the first step, which involves speaking to someone who knows how to deal with this condition. A professional. You’ll find several such individuals at Berk Eye Care Center. Waste no more time—go ahead and treat yourself to Columbus eye care.

Don’t worry. That first step doesn’t require leaping over hoops and hurdles. Not by a long shot. Just a simple phone call or e-mail to Berk Eye Care Center. Then our staff takes care of the rest by scheduling an appointment for Columbus eye care.

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