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Dry eyes in Columbus

Columbus eye care
Columbus eye care

Dry eyes are an irritating condition that can cause patients to be miserable, however, dry eyes can be treated with a combination of therapies that are proven to work fast, giving you the relief you need. Call our Columbus eye care center today to get the relief you need from dry eyes and eye allergies. We offer patients a wide range of eye care services to fit your every need and to keep your eyes healthy.

Dry eyes can happen as a result of allergies, weather conditions and climate. Most people who have dry eyes constantly battle them during the winter season. Avoiding exposure to allergens is a must for those who suffer from dry eyes and eye allergies. Allergens can be a major component of what aggravates dry eyes. People who suffer from eye allergies usually have symptoms that range from red eyes, itchy eyes and allergies from various substances that affect their eyes such as pet dander. Another symptom of eye allergies is dry eye. Our Columbus eye care office can diagnose and treat eye allergies and dry eyes.

Dry eye can be seasonal or chronic. With dry eyes, the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep up with evaporation. In some cases eyes may produce low quality tears that aren’t lubricating the eyes enough. Weather conditions such as wind and sun can exacerbate the eyes so that they stop producing enough quality tears. Other factors that affect dry eyes are age, gender and arthritis. Those who have had LASIK surgery may find that they are in danger of getting dry eyes as well. For more information, call our Columbus eye care center today. Don’t wait for treatment for your dry eyes, come in for quick relief in the form of medicated eye drops that can help your dry eyes.

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